Sunday, September 6, 2020

Erase History? So many Idiots...

Here is my two cents worth for the mind controlled minions who feel they are so under-represented, they have to tear down statues they feel portray a bygone era.

It is called history. It happened. Someone wanted to commemorate it, to acknowledge it. Someone erected a memorial to it. It was constructed to convey the sentiment of the era.

As society changes, and not always for the better it seems, citizens have to option to request and commission statues/plaques/memorials/fountains/urinals that reflect the sentiment /diversity/dysfunction of the current era. These would stand along side the others.

What on Earth do you hope to achieve by attempting, in immature, criminal and incredibly amateur ways, to erase history? One hundred years from now, would you think it acceptable for others to erase your contribution to it good, bad or somewhere in-between?

Do any of you have any capacity for independent thought? Don't bother answering that last question. The mental anguish it will cause might be the end of you. Then again...go ahead and give it some thought on your way to the dry cleaner to pick up your blue Chairman Mao suits.