Monday, June 7, 2021

Toro! Toro! Toro!

 June 7, 2021:

I heard this on the main news channels. They are advertising a new burger. It is a new recipe, an experiment, if you will. They say you should eat one, even if you are not hungry. In fact, they strongly advise eating one just in case you get hungry...which makes no sense yet here we are.
A great many people died almost immediately after eating this new burger. Many others, a significant portion of eaters, became very ill, suffering myriad adverse reactions.
Stranger still, people who did not eat the burger but, spent time in the company of experimental burger eaters, have also reported feeling ill.
Stating inadequate burger trials, the Bureau of Burger Safety has not approved this particular burger for consumption. While this should be a bright red flag, ( Toro! Toro! Toro! ) it seems the Bureau of Perceptual Engineering, openly citing little or no interest in the safety of citizens, has designed a campaign to cajole, (note use of polite word) by any means possible, aforementioned citizens into risking their lives by consuming the burger even though the citizens are not hungry (because there is no famine) and therefore have no need of it.
Stranger still, people appear to have lost their minds and are now posting pictures of themselves, burger in hand, boasting, "I ate the burger but have not yet died."
The Bureau of Perceptual Engineering, noting favorable early results, now suggests (actually means insists) citizens should try a new burger every three months. They have promised to diversify the toppings to make the death patty more appealing.
This is what a world looks like when people trust propaganda and turn away from their inner knowing.