Friday, February 26, 2021

Freedom is Always a Choice.

States are discussing seceding from the Union. Counties are discussing seceding from their states. And that, my darlings, is just the beginning.

Gratz, by the way, to those who voted to destroy America and turn it into a NWO franchise. Not on my watch. America's sacred purpose is too important for our world's spiritual evolution. The devil may have gone down to Georgia, as the song says, but he won't survive the Light-ening storm about to hit his sorry arse.
The Human Race. Born of Source Radiance with potential enough to create paradise wherever it chooses to experience, has chosen to tremble in fear before the ghosts created by propagandists.
Such weakness. Such blindness. In today's world, it seems every human relationship can be adjusted with the right amount of money.
To those who see through the propaganda machinery of evil, this is the time to stand and do what is right. Americans do not acquiesce to censorship.
Choose your side. God or Lucifer. Freedom or tyranny. What? Did they teach you to take your freedom for granted? On physical realms, freedom is always a choice and right now...if freedom is your choice, you had better get off your arse and fight for it.