Tuesday, January 26, 2021

January 20th 2021

January 20th 2021. I know many wanted to see a visible, in your face, massive military operation today. Me too. O well. This doesn't mean we have conceded. We have not. This doesn't mean we will stop exposing corruption. Far from. I do not claim to know the game plan but I do know living under cabal rule is not an option and no way have we fought this hard only to walk away (even thought it may look like it) and let globalists turn us into micro-chipped money laundering units. If America is lost, there goes the world. Those fighting deep state have not given up and they never will.

I am waiting for the plan to play out and I still believe the best is yet to come. Playing with pools of potential when peeking into possible future scenarios...one that resonated strongly was the big guy leaving the big house...the small guy gets in but is out by the end of Spring...the military ask the big guy to come back. I was hoping it would not come to that but great awakenings are messy and this one is going to be filthy.
I have played my part and am happy to step back now and resume my role as a guide book. If I get any intel, I will share. Some things are worth living for. Some things are worth dying for. Right now, all things are worth waiting for. Stay strong. 🙂

Listen up Peeps :-) You can drive yourselves crazy trying to interpret all the Q codes and all that. I advise stepping away and letting it play out. Surely, if you know the plan, deep state know it too. Let's pick ourselves up and feed the patriots some positive vibes. The whole world is shifting, governments resigning and deep state minions making last minute deals. Massive transition yet the America Luciferian media will not cover it.

The words conservative and liberal have lost their meaning. Step away from partisan politics. This is about good versus evil. Reclaim your minds from the spin doctors. Reclaim this country from the globalist communist new world order agenda. You can do it! Find one functioning brain cell, sprinkle it with divine alignment, say a prayer asking for a boost in objective thinking and, from this higher vantage point, take another look at the world around you.