Thursday, January 7, 2021



Good Morning Peeps. Are you whining? I suggest going into the bathroom and screaming until it is out of your system.
IMPORTANT REMINDER: This is not a partisan issue. WW3 is an information war (misinformation) designed to muzzle, manipulate and moronize this planet's population. Thus far, it has worked quite well.
Do not let me hear you say, "It's over." It is far from over. In fact, as the song goes, it's only just begun. The man whose name we cannot mention due to censorship in the land of the free and the home of the brave, is the figurehead of a massive movement with only one goal in mind...the exposure and dismantling of corruption in government.
After just four years, an incredible amount of bovine feces has been uncovered. We are not suddenly going to pack our bags and give up. The energy stream of integrity grows stronger each day and because of this, mainstream media's output of excrement grows daily in volume.
My peek into the pools of potential for the future have shown me that even if the man whose name we cannot mention has to leave the big house, the efforts to expose and dismantle DS will triple and he will be back in by early Summer, if not sooner.
If we can shift our emphasis from party affiliations to the bigger picture...destroying the Luciferian agenda for everyone's benefit...that would be the best way to support the cosmic energy of divine light.
I will post and blog daily to encourage and support you and to share information. If I get bumped from any platforms, you can always access my blog via my website.
Great Awakenings are messy. God be with us all.