Saturday, January 9, 2021

Brain washed...or thick as two short planks?

Good Morning World. The erosion of the collective intellect is truly a sight to behold.TO THE PEEPS WHO ARE REJOICING BECAUSE THE BIG GUY HAS BEEN CENSORED BY MANIPULATED MEDIA:

The Establishment rejoices. They have successfully brain washed you. One has to be as thick as two short planks (or brainwashed) not to realize that the big guy's agenda has nothing to do with partisan politics (despite labels used for identification) and everything to do with exposing and dismantling deep state ideology and machinery. Do you not realize who the actual dictators are?

A tyrant suppresses and controls the flow of information. The big guy is NOT the one doing that. Your naiveté and willful ignorance have the Establishment psyops psychologists peeing in their pants with joy. I have told you for years now that corporations have taken over congress. You no longer have a government. That is why the big guy came in to do the job no other would do. The corporations lead the agenda to homogenize, sanitize and dehumanize our world and you are supporting them.

You fell for their pretty words and false were mesmerized by the shiny. To anyone commenting on world events from a purely partisan have missed the boat. I hope you can swim.