Monday, May 24, 2021

O What a Tangled Web We Weave...

Notes from May 24, 2021.  Words have been changed to avoid being ventured on social media. rhymes.

The creepy doctor now admits we should investigate the origin of the illusionary virus.  The one for which no one can provide an isolated sample.  The one that led to a rush to date Francine, the one prick to trick them all.

Through persistence, diligence, focus and unswerving dedication to the preservation of free thought and soul sovereignty, the good guys and gals have uncovered irrefutable proof of selection clawed.  We, the White Hats, will never give up, we will never surrender.  We know this is a game, yes, but we know the game is the end game, the fight for the survival of a free human race.

With regard to the ongoing medical experiment, (if you believe it is something other than a medical experiment, your cranium is located inside your rectum) the bad guys and gals are pushing for 90% compliance.  They can deal with 10% worth of free thinkers...or so they believe.  90% and the planet is finally their dream house in the Hamptons.  They may get 50% before the truth hits mainstream.

So, what happens when the 50% realize they have been duped?  When they realize they are human rats in a controlled experiment?  This troubles the bad guys and gals.

They seem to be winning the battle right now but here's the thing...if you have to bribe people with ice cream, beer, donuts, travel passes, lottery tickets, French fries and so forth...does that not smack of desperation?  Is desperation a sign of winning?

Millions will die slow, miserable deaths after dating Francine. This hurts my heart.  The pending zombie apocalypse I write about, ad nauseum some might say, does not refer to the slow, miserable deaths; it refers to the emotional overload and unavoidable outburst that will follow once the truth bomb hits the mind.

Exciting times ahead.