Friday, May 7, 2021

For Years We Banged the Drum

For years we banged the drum

You acted dumb.
"Hey! Wake up! Humans are a cash crop on a people farm."
You rolled up your sleeves and presented your arms.
"Please, don't repeat the mistakes of the past." we asked
You ridiculed us, you giggled, you passed.
Well now, it's sad, but the joke is on you
Your hubris allowed the dark ones to stage a coup.
And still you deny truth, even as the facts are presented
"The Establishment wishes to cull you." you signed, you consented.
If you wish to die, that's your affair
but hear me well...this planet is a home we all share.
You accepted the Mark, now the gene pool is polluted
You allowed your sovereign body to be openly looted.
Should you live long enough to realize the damage you created
prepare to be shunned, baited and hated.
Today we sail into uncharted waters
castrating our sons, sterilizing our daughters.
You will claim coercion and that your actions stemmed from ignorance.
No, they did not. They stemmed from indifference.
Our world is wonder with treasures yet to find
If you would but open and then reclaim your minds.