Friday, November 13, 2020

Will the Hobbits Fight Back?'s Friday 13th...and the media still do not have the authority to declare election results because, you know, due process and all that. Illusion. Smoke and mirrors. The truth will out and it will cut through this crap like shiny scissors.

Do you still think this is about partisan politics? have your head up your arse. New World Order is around the corner. Look around some countries it is already alive and well on your block.
So, New Zealand. Prime Minister thinks she has One Ring to Rule Them All. Perhaps it was a mistake to film Lord of the Rings out there. Will the Hobbits fight back and reclaim their Shire?
Those who are easily fooled will, by great evil be ruled. How will all this play out? Well...that depends on you and me. Welcome to another day. Welcome to another thrilling installment of World of Earth Craft. Uploading new expansion pack now...