Friday, November 20, 2020

Odds and Bods cont.

Some of my blogs are serious...some of them are mysterious...some are great and some are tongue in cheek decide which ones to fall for and which ones to ignore.

When you encourage people to riot but restrict family gatherings...the agenda is clear to anyone with half a functioning brain cell. Then again...

So...months later...the only curves I see flattening are the ones on those who are dieting. Still think it's about a virus? Don't bother answering that because clearly, some of you do.

So...the murder hornet fallacious ensign (E.A.G.O. Establishment Awareness Gauging Operation) went nowhere. Did they run out of AAA batteries to stuff up their little arses. What's the next buzz?

It may be obvious, but since the obvious is missed by so many, I feel it worth mentioning.
Donald Trump didn't wake up one sunny morning and say to himself, "Well, life is so good for me right now. I have everything I need and more but you know what...I'll just put myself in harm's way, expose myself to ridicule, media assassination and God knows what else, just to take on the full measure of the forces of darkness in this country."
He was asked to run for office by those in the military and in the security services, who understand the threat posed by a global NWO takeover. Someone told me recently they thought of him as a lone wolf crying out in the wilderness. Nothing could be further from the truth.
I'm pretty sure most have figured it out by now. Except, of course, the ones who get all their news from one mainstream station and look no further.