Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The Restrict Act is an act of war against American citizens.

The Restrict Act is an act of war. The current puppet administration has declared war on American citizens. It has declared war on individual sovereignty. It is a corruption of all that is whole, wholesome and holy. The notion that one should submit to humiliation for the good of others is disgusting but, very much in keeping with how evil regimes carry out their plans. Man's highest goal is self-realization. One self-realized being brings great light into the realm. This is what they want to squash with their bugs, pun intended, their 15 minute cities and their death jabs. They want to convince us that the rights of the individual are unimportant. All should be done for the glory of the State. The notion of sacrifice is abhorrent to the soul. It is a deep state ideology control mechanism. Why don't we learn from history?