Sunday, July 5, 2020

Shush...I'm Hunting Coffee.

Hello World...Ani Here.

Sitting in the midst of acres of tall Douglas firs, sipping robust coffee, teeny-tiny dogs at my feet, sweet bird trills filling my senses...IRL seems a million miles away.  I need this.  I need this with bells on.

My partner and I have discussed moving away from the burbs.  I was ready years ago.  I credit public reaction to the recent sham-demic for convincing my beloved that our realm is currently populated by dangerous useful idiots and deranged automatons.  We have become preppers...and about time too.

I will document my journey on this blog this space...but not today.  I see a walk by the river in my immediate future.  I see lunch prepared with ingredients from someone's garden.  I see myself falling asleep in a rocking chair on the porch....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I wish you peace and home made baked goods :-)

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Birthday, America :-)

Happy Birthday, America.

Two points to ponder over our morning coffee. 1. No matter how much you romanticize it, socialism does not work. 2. Mob rule is tyranny.

Enjoy your burgers and bourbon and above all, do not let anyone shame you for being an American. Dismiss mass media. Walk away from mass hysteria. Ignore the unwashed mind of radicalism.

We are in the midst of a major social conditioning experiment and it is time for the Continental Army to march once again.

God bless us all 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Attention Citizens! We have unleashed a new threat...we mean social conditioning device...we mean virus...yes...that's it. A virus...not man-made.

Attention Citizens!

We have been made aware of a new threat to your health (one which we planned decades ago and have worked diligently to update as we gauge your reaction to our ongoing perception games).  This new threat, a medical emergency of gargantuan proportions, is called Mind Control Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

Primary symptoms include but are not limited to:

The belief that the CDC is an organization actively working for the benefit of mankind.
Following CDC guidelines to the letter.
Insisting that others give up their mental faculties and engage in your no-think-necessary automated responses to Establishment engineering.
Assuming whatever position the authorities ask you to assume for maximum penetration.
The assumption that all symptoms listed are beneficial and welcome.
Forgetting everything you were taught in Human Biology 101 with regard to what constitutes a healthy immune system.
Forgetting everything you were taught in Philosophy 101 with regard to achieving mastery over your minds.

For your safety, please follow our instructions to the letter.  It doesn't matter what we ask you to do.  We have witnessed the erosion of your intellect, capacity for critical thought and the ease with which we distract, bait, divide and conquer.  We chuckle.  You are ants.  We will crush you, tens of millions at a time and we will do it effortlessly because you will ask us to...and we know this because this was always our plan.

It took a while but in some ways, it was almost too easy.  Humans...ugh.  We don't want you.  It's the planetary resources we are after.  What?  This is news to you?  Point proven.  What use would we, the Glorious Establishment, have for such compliant-go-with-the-gang-automatons?

Strength, Honor and Glory to the Empire!  The rest of you...put on your masks and wipe your arses with the mountains of toilet paper you recently procured.

The above was a message from your Globalist Overlords.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Our Country. Our vision. Our choice.

Hello World...Ani Here

Independence Day is around the corner.  Don't you love it when these things fall on a weekend?

Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence in June 1776.  Independence was declared on July 2nd 1776.  Final edits were decided upon on July 4th 1776.
It was not signed until August 1776 and was not delivered to Britain until November 1776.  So, why do we celebrate on July 4th?

It is the date printed on the Dunlap Broadsides,the original printed copies of the declaration that were circulated throughout the new nation.  When people thought of the Declaration of Independence, they remembered the date July 4th 1776.

From my shaman's perspective, America has a sacred purpose; to prove that unity through diversity is how we evolve on this physical plane.  There is an ongoing plot to subvert that sacred purpose.
It takes many forms, but the desired result is always the same; to destroy America from the inside out.  To erase its history, to erode all sense of national sovereignty in favor of a homogenized, colorless, soul-less corporate identity.

This is the agenda behind open borders.  This is the agenda behind sanctuary cities.  It is also the agenda behind the current planned-demic, social distancing and ready-to-go-just-add-water planned, fake race riots.

It pains me that so many are oblivious to this in-your-face-could-we-be-any-more-overt social conditioning experiment.  It pains me to see so many people support the Establishment as it pours acid on the precious notion of personal freedom.  They, the people, know not what they do.  Bang!  There goes another nail in the coffin that America will be buried in.

Every country has a mixed bag of good and bad in their history book.
Whatever happened in the past does not obviate thriving in the future.  There exists today a campaign to make Americans ashamed of their identity; to replace our sense of rugged individualism and soul sovereignty with obedience to and reliance on the corporation.  Do you scoff at my suggestion?  Perhaps you should open your eyes.  You will see that corporate interests merged with government a while ago.  It happened while you were distracted with whatever the Daily Spin deemed fit to fill your minds with.

Be careful with the choices you make.  Think long and hard on how you react to Establishment engineering because the choices you make today, will color the next one thousand years.  America the beautiful...or America the screwable?

Our country.  Our vision.  Our choice.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Butt Check Please America!

Hello World...Ani Here

Good Morning, America.  Time for your daily butt check.  Please take a moment now to check your butts and see if your heads are up there.

If yes, please pull head out of butt.  Wash head.  Take a deep breath and ask yourself, "What the heck is going on here?"  

When head is free from butt space and body is oxygenated, head is primed for thought process.  Thought process should not be confused with repeating daily media narrative.  That is parrot process.  You are human.  The universe expects more from you.

To those who support and comply with mandatory mask use, the air is bursting with multiple contagions 24/7.  Why did you choose to protect yourself from this specific gene edited patented virus...which has a high recovery rate and clearly is not a pandemic because...look around you.  I will answer that for you.  You bought into the official narrative.

Your fear induced compliance gave the Establishment the strength to push other agendas, falsely labeled as per usual, and designed to destroy America from the inside turn it into a soul-less, border-less homogeneous franchise of Corporation Earth.  Do you not see the writing on the wall?  No?  Perhaps those masks are messing with your depth perception.

Wear one if you wish but give the likes of me a wide berth if you set out to regulate personal habits based on Big Brother's daily spin.

I love this country.  I will honor America's sacred purpose until my least breath and, when I take that last breath, it sure as heck won't be covered by a mask.

I wish you all peace and healthy immune systems :-)

Postscript: You don't get those unless you allow your bodies to experience and interact with the environment.  But hey, it's a free will universe.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

If Your Friends are Entrenched...Just Let Them Be.

Hello World...Ani Here

Another day, another dollar, another opportunity for the unwashed minds of the masses to hoot and holler.

If peeps are deeply entrenched in their partisan affiliations, if they truly believe the Blues are better than the Reds, or visa versa, just let them be.  Clearly, they have no idea how the world works.  You might as well try taking jelly beans away from a sugar-fueled toddler.

Save your breath for the peeps wishing to expand their world view...for the ones who know things do not add up, the ones who want to make sense of it all.  We are at a major karmic crossroads.  How we respond to Establishment bullying defines the next one thousand years.  That is a long haul, so let's not waste our time trying to influence the Establishment's useful idiots.  Step away and save yourselves the frustration.

Focus instead on becoming as self-sufficient as possible and on building a community of like-minded folks.  We are in for Toad's Wild Ride for the rest of the year.  Behind the scenes, the forces of light and dark are fighting for their lives and the fight gets dirtier by the day.  If that sounds is supposed to.

If your family is 100% dependent on supermarkets and big lot stores for food and essential supplies, you are at the mercy of the globalists.  Start making changes now, unless, of course, you wish to destroy America from the inside out and change the Red White and Blue to communist grey.  Did that sound a tad dramatic?  Aw...I'll let you get back to your jelly beans. Not sure how you will eat them through those masks but hey, don't mind me.  Just keep believing what the propagandists tell you.  Comply.  Consume.  Obey.  It's a free will universe.  

Safety is an illusion.  I wish you Freedom over Tyranny...Free Thinking over Mind Control.  I can only hope you know the difference.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Stop. Think. Get the Brain in Sync.

Hello World...Ani Here.

It seems they have convinced a great many peeps to fear the act of breathing.  Did you think the masks were about something else?  

Life on physical realms is a balancing act.  The planets came first.  Humans are obliged to adapt.  If we do not adapt, we die.  Getting sick is part of the process.  Our bodies respond to incoming intelligence.  If it is unfamiliar, the body will get busy processing and sorting it all out.  Getting sick is part of that process.

If we survive, hurrah.  We now have archived intelligence and are ready to tackle the threat, should it rear its head once more.  If we do not survive, we die but...we do so having recorded the process on the depository of planetary wisdom.  If a great many of us die, we leave more resources for the survivors.  It's a win win scenario.

Jumping through hoops to protect ourselves from perceived-threat-fill-in-the-blanks is not living in harmony with our surroundings.  The air is, quite literally, bursting with thousands of contagions and toxins 24/7.  No one had a problem with it until they instilled the fear of Lucifer in us with this latest plan-demic.  Seriously peeps...please get a grip.  You fell for it...fell right on your compliant, trembling, terrified arses.  They will have you wrapped up, head to toe, in Saran Wrap next, blocking out the fresh air, blocking out the sun's life-giving rays, screaming while running away from anyone standing less than six feet from you in the supermarket aisles.

So much for America's rugged individualism.  It's morphed into a nation of pussies.  I don't mean girly bits.  There is nothing wrong with girly bits.  I'm quite fond of mine, actually.  No, by pussies I mean the do-as-1-am-instructed-because-I-have-given-my-mind-over-to-the-Establishment variety of humanoid automaton.

Life is an eternal and magnificent adventure.  If you fear death, you also fear life.  Take a chance on life.  Go on...get out there and breathe!

I wish you peace and Summer wine.