Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Clarifying the Transgender Thing...OMG So Many Haters Out There Do Not Listen To My Words!

When I listen to someone's podcast, or read their blog, their posts and so forth, I do so knowing that perception is unique and individualized.  If something they say/post resonates with me, cool.  If it does not, and especially if I am triggered, I allow myself time to digest the content.  Do I know anything about the author?  Why was I triggered?  Let me listen to it/read it a few times more and really try to understand what is being shared here.  Did I cherry pick the parts that triggered me and disconnect them for the main body?

An author's duty is to present the material as clearly as possible but, since perception is individualized, the author has no control over how 8 billion plus people will interpret the content.

With regard to transgender issues, which seems to have started a chain of triggers, here is my opinion, presented as clearly as possible, with no fluff and no guff.

If you are born a biological male but, as an adult, you decide you will be happier living as a female, who am I to stop you?  I can discuss with you, based on soul contracts, soul path etc. as to why you feel this way and whether or not this is the best path for you, but as an adult, you have dealt with these feelings and have struggled with them and as it is your life, no one else's, you have to make the decision as to what constitutes a functional and hopefully happy life for you.  Good luck to you.  It's a mean old world out there for those who wish to experience it outside the proverbial box.

If you are born a biological female but, as an adult, you decide you will be happier living as a male, who am I to stop you?  I can discuss with you, based on soul contracts, soul path etc. as to why you feel this way and whether or not this is the best path for you, but as an adult, you have dealt with these feelings and have struggled with them and as it is your life, no one else's, you have to make the decision as to what constitutes a functional and hopefully happy life for you.  Good luck to you.  It's a mean old world out there for those who wish to experience it outside the proverbial box.

As long as it hurts no one, we should be free to live our lives as we see fit.

My advice to you is to make peace with your decision.  If you are secure in your identity, if you have truly made the best decision for your life experience, then everyone else, an exception here or there, will be okay with it.  After all, you made the choice so you could get on with life, right?  You didn't make the choice to shock people or to disrupt their lives or to make yourself the center of attention, right?  You did it because you want what everyone wants...to be comfortable in the body, in the mind and have a fighting chance at a happy, functional life.

The issue I have, and this is not limited to transgender issues, is when a schoolteacher tells a four year old boy it is okay for him to be a girl and wear a dress and act like a girl.  Four year old peeps have barely graduated from pooping in their pants.  We must allow their personalities to develop according to their soul paths. They chose their gender before incarnation and did so for a reason.  If we wish guide young humans, we must pay careful attention and be sure to provide them with information suitable for their age group and level of awareness.  Confusing young minds is the only issue I have ever had with this.  Identify as an elephant for all I care...just don't put your trunk where it is not wanted.

The Establishment would like nothing better than to 'blur the lines' in every aspect of our lives.  They hide this agenda under a thin veneer of fake liberalism.  Their battle cry of, "Accept everything!" has a dark agenda.  They are not encouraging tolerance and acceptance.  Their goal is to turn mankind into one colorless, homogenous, pasteurized, sanitized hive mind collective.  An obedient race of automaton slaves, accepting every type of behavior, including actively participating in our own demise, as normal.

Look around you now at the masks...the shots...the boosters...the censorship...the damning of traditional values and the glorification of violent criminals.  Yes, it is all connected.

There is so much more to this than you ever thought possible.  They are lulling you into subservience with their carefully crafted songs of equality for all.  It's all a ruse.

To thine own self be true.  Figure that one out, and you will enjoy the multiple challenges offered by playing the game of life.  Walk around cherry picking and willfully misinterpreting the intentions of others while inserting the stick of self-righteous rectitude in your rectum, and it might not go so well.

I wish you well.  Haters gonna hate.  Baiters gonna bait.  I have a Zoom session now and cannot be late.


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

After Mando Jabberwocky comes...?


Without free will, the collective consciousness cannot expand and evolve.  Without free will, mankind cannot thrive.  If mankind allows the group of power-hungry sociopaths calling itself ‘government’ to make decisions on its behalf, mankind relegates its cosmic status to earthbound slave aka brain-washed, mind-controlled automaton…terror-stricken obedient servant, cowering before a corrupt state.

If, by now, you have not realized the greater agenda behind current events, you are an imbecile, and we will have to move forward without you.  Make no mistake, we are moving forward. 

To those who have eagerly submitted to ridiculous, humiliating, immoral, illegal, and evil instructions from the corrupt state, for the privilege of simply going about your daily business…you have allowed yourselves to be abused.  You have shown the Dark Establishment that you will do anything to keep things the way they are, and in doing so, you have accepted abuse, corruption and evil as part of your lives.

Everything happening now, we warned you about for years.  If you continue to allow and perhaps enjoy the abuse heaped upon you by those who openly mock you and think of you as cattle, let me tell you what comes after, “I’m okay with mando jabberwocky.” 

“Good morning, Citizen Automaton #978635427466.  Our records show you have two healthy kidneys.  For the sake of public health, we require you to surrender one.  Here is your appointment card.”

“Good morning Citizen Automaton #78563129876054.  Our records show you are approaching your 65th birthday.  As you know, the state has designated 65 years as the maximum time allowed for mortal life.  Here is your appointment card for your trip to the other place.  The state thanks you for your life and rest assured, your carcass will be put to good use.”

If you are giggling at the above, let me repeat that everything we predicted, everything, is unfolding right now, right before your very eyes.  Everything we predict going forward will also happen, just as we say it will.

You have a choice.  You can continue to feed the beast and lose your sovereignty or…you can do something useful, nay glorious, with your incarnation.  Fear feeds the beast and starves your soul.  Sovereignty affirms your cosmic nature and makes you whole.

Stop cowering and start empowering!


Monday, August 23, 2021


It is not a pandemic. It is an IQ test. Many failed.

Pope wants Catholics to take the Mark of the Beast. Well played, Lucifer. Well played.

I make no apology for the following statement. This Christmas, instead of ornaments hanging from my tree, I want to see every single person pushing this evil agenda, arrested, tried, sentenced and hanging from the gallows.

What Happened to our beloved country?

What happened to you, America?

We were the land of the free, the home of the brave. Our country is now a bio-matter farm, factory farming a clueless, obedient, state dependent human cash crop.
Forcing people to accept poison into their bodies for the privilege of simply going about their daily business? Denying them their livelihoods and access to the social body if they do not comply with immoral and illegal mandates aka Satanic Ritual?
Censorship of free speech…in America? What insanity is this and why do you comply? You have lost your nerve. You have allowed a small handful of evil people and their many jumped-up, ego inflated petty bureaucrats to crush your cosmic inheritance.
You have succumbed to the illusion, allowed it to terrorize you…you have cowered in the face of the truth and worshiped the false golden calf.
You were born magnificent, individualized manifestations of Supreme Cosmic Intelligence and this is how you use it? Masks? Social distancing? Hit me with the death jab so I can go to the movies?
People…it’s way past time to kick the arses of the Dark Establishment and their bought and paid for nattering nabobs of negativism.
Stop cowering. You dishonor your true nature. You are stardust. Start acting like it.
*In the distance...can you hear it...I hear the T train a 'comin.

Human Race...wash your face.

You don't trust the science...you trust the television. Big difference. They trained you for years to be okay with, "Take this pharma product. It may help or it may kill you but that's just how it is folks."

Gratz. You saved them a bunch of work and made them into billionaires, all while signing your own death warrants. Human race...go wash your face. 

Laugh? Cry? Drink?

Let's all take a moment to give a big round of applause to everyone who identified as liberal and pushed their 'liberal' agenda all the way to totalitarian slavery under the New World Order. When they knock on your door to take your children away, when they deny you access to the social body without an injected tracking device, don't say we didn't warn you. I do hope you didn't give 'them' your guns...oops.
And while we are at it...all the rinos who stood in the way of the only man with the cajones to take on this evil, I hope your gutless, worthless species faces immediate extinction.
You reap what you sow. Take an interest in how your world is run or let the madmen run the show.

Laugh? Cry? Maybe I'll just have a martini. 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

We Were Right about EVERYTHING

NWO is taking over in Australia. The police are acting as the jack boots of the Dark Establishment, smashing citizens’ rights and in some cases, their bodies.

Australians are rebelling against this evil. Europeans and the British are rebelling against this evil.
The Luciferians’ golden prize is the USA, the land of the free and the home of the brave. To my fellow Americans, when did this great land become the land of masked morons and the home of cowering, weak-minded, feeble apologies for sovereign beings?
There is no savior. Each of us must decide today…live as soul sovereign free men and women or submit to slavery.
The Divine created me from pure cosmic essence. I am, as are you, pure, unblemished, cosmic energy, magnificent beyond all understanding…having an individualized human experience.
Obeying immoral and illegal mandates are not actions worthy of Divine/Cosmic souls. Extinguishing the brilliant light within us and giving it to the puppets of a dark and unspeakably evil regime are not the actions of those who understand their true Divine nature, to those who know they came to Earth to expand cosmic consciousness…not diminish it.
I will never submit to this insanity. It pains me deeply to see how little self-worth, self-respect and general awareness people have. It pains me deeply to see the erosion of the collective intellect. It pains me deeply to see sovereign beings cower in the face of the paper tiger.
On some level, you know something is wrong. It is time to grow up now. It is time to stop protecting your small minded false alter egos with a wall of fear. If America falls, this will not be a world worth living in. I was right about everything else. I am right in this.