Saturday, January 9, 2021

Brain washed...or thick as two short planks?

 Good Morning World. The erosion of the collective intellect is truly a sight to behold.

TO THE PEEPS WHO ARE REJOICING BECAUSE THE BIG GUY HAS BEEN CENSORED BY MANIPULATED MEDIA: The Establishment rejoices. They have successfully brain washed you. One has to be as thick as two short planks (or brainwashed) not to realize that the big guy's agenda has nothing to do with partisan politics (despite labels used for identification) and everything to do with exposing and dismantling deep state ideology and machinery.
Do you not realize who the actual dictators are? A tyrant suppresses and controls the flow of information. The big guy is NOT the one doing that. Your naiveté and willful ignorance have the Establishment psyops psychologists peeing in their pants with joy.
I have told you for years now that corporations have taken over congress. You no longer have a government. That is why the big guy came in to do the job no other would do.
The corporations lead the agenda to homogenize, sanitize and dehumanize our world and you are supporting them. You fell for their pretty words and false were mesmerized by the shiny. To anyone commenting on world events from a purely partisan have missed the boat. I hope you can swim.

Thursday, January 7, 2021



Good Morning Peeps. Are you whining? I suggest going into the bathroom and screaming until it is out of your system.
IMPORTANT REMINDER: This is not a partisan issue. WW3 is an information war (misinformation) designed to muzzle, manipulate and moronize this planet's population. Thus far, it has worked quite well.
Do not let me hear you say, "It's over." It is far from over. In fact, as the song goes, it's only just begun. The man whose name we cannot mention due to censorship in the land of the free and the home of the brave, is the figurehead of a massive movement with only one goal in mind...the exposure and dismantling of corruption in government.
After just four years, an incredible amount of bovine feces has been uncovered. We are not suddenly going to pack our bags and give up. The energy stream of integrity grows stronger each day and because of this, mainstream media's output of excrement grows daily in volume.
My peek into the pools of potential for the future have shown me that even if the man whose name we cannot mention has to leave the big house, the efforts to expose and dismantle DS will triple and he will be back in by early Summer, if not sooner.
If we can shift our emphasis from party affiliations to the bigger picture...destroying the Luciferian agenda for everyone's benefit...that would be the best way to support the cosmic energy of divine light.
I will post and blog daily to encourage and support you and to share information. If I get bumped from any platforms, you can always access my blog via my website.
Great Awakenings are messy. God be with us all.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

It's Not Too Late To Do the Right Thing.

A-isms: I have spoken of Deep State for decades now. The corruption runs across the board and that is why I ask peeps to step away from the immaturity of partisan politics and focus on good versus evil, darkness versus illumination.

To those who have accepted money from the darkness and are fighting to prevent exposing corruption in their ranks by blocking are not worthy of the title American. You have shown your true colors and those colors are dark, dirty, deviant and do not serve the betterment of mankind.
To those people I say...take a moment to think on how future generations will review and assess your actions. Your names will go down in history as the greedy buggers who had no thought for anything or anyone beyond stuffing your pockets with bribe money. Is that the legacy you wish to leave for your progeny?
Then, of course, there is will you review and assess your actions on the other side, after your death, possibly by execution for treason? You had the chance to alter the course of history; to expose and dismantle the machinery of the totalitarian state and instead, you chose to line your own pockets with blood money.
I freely admit there are moments when I struggle to maintain grace. I am disgusted by your actions. It would be better to admit your mistakes while incarnate. It's not too late to do that now, to serve the light and avoid time in Heaven's underbelly. Trust me on do not want to go there.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

White Walkers

A-isms: The Establishment has fed us bovine feces since March. Are you full yet? Or perhaps you have developed a taste for excrement and long for more. Friends, one doesn't just step away from the BS. One scoops it up and smears it over the faces of the people who provided the feces. Winter is here...and the White Walkers do not exist. Well, not yet. One must be inoculated to be transformed.

Sunday, December 27, 2020


 Common Sense Tidbit: Universal Basic Income would be groovy if it came from a benevolent entity. The Establishment is not a benevolent entity. One source of income that can be repealed whenever you piss off the sociopaths. Having an opinion contrary to the official Luciferian narrative will piss them off. Why bother having an incarnation if all you want is slavery?

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Through the Back Door.

So, just curious and asking for a friend and all that...what did you think an attack on religion would look like? Did you not think it could come in the form of a lockdown with restrictions becoming more severe closer to the holiest of days?

What did you think an attack on the family would look like? Did you not think it might come in through the back door dressed as, Your-children-do-not need-parental-consent-for-all-matters-medical-nor-do-we-want-parents-involved-in-their-offsprings'-education?
So...about those masks and social conditioning.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Odds and Bods cont.

Some of my blogs are serious...some of them are mysterious...some are great and some are tongue in cheek decide which ones to fall for and which ones to ignore.

When you encourage people to riot but restrict family gatherings...the agenda is clear to anyone with half a functioning brain cell. Then again...

So...months later...the only curves I see flattening are the ones on those who are dieting. Still think it's about a virus? Don't bother answering that because clearly, some of you do.

So...the murder hornet fallacious ensign (E.A.G.O. Establishment Awareness Gauging Operation) went nowhere. Did they run out of AAA batteries to stuff up their little arses. What's the next buzz?

It may be obvious, but since the obvious is missed by so many, I feel it worth mentioning.
Donald Trump didn't wake up one sunny morning and say to himself, "Well, life is so good for me right now. I have everything I need and more but you know what...I'll just put myself in harm's way, expose myself to ridicule, media assassination and God knows what else, just to take on the full measure of the forces of darkness in this country."
He was asked to run for office by those in the military and in the security services, who understand the threat posed by a global NWO takeover. Someone told me recently they thought of him as a lone wolf crying out in the wilderness. Nothing could be further from the truth.
I'm pretty sure most have figured it out by now. Except, of course, the ones who get all their news from one mainstream station and look no further.