Saturday, May 27, 2023

Do not vote for career politicians.

The Establishment tries to destroy T because he calls out the corruption. He said no to the status quo. He dared to show the world the matrix of control imposed upon mankind. He dared to suggest that mankind should hold itself accountable for being so easily distracted, duped and dumbed down. He dared to peel back the thin veneer of shiny stuff hiding a giant pustule of corruption and unspeakable evil.

He dared to say change is possible if we have the guts to make it happen. He dared to say put America first. A family does not starve its children to provide for others. It first feeds its own and makes its own strong...the strong can serve others...the weak and feeble cannot.
If we vote for career politicians, nothing will change for the better.
You will eat bugs, be confined to 15 minute cities, be taxed until you puke and then you will be taxed for littering the 15 minute city with the contents of your stomach.
The multi party system has to end. There will be an American Assembly. I will fight for this until I draw my last breath.