Monday, May 1, 2023

Rights begat responsibility

Rights begat responsibility, accountability. Woke-ism is the opposite. When people finally realize how easily they were played, how easy it was to make them useful idiots for the darker agenda...ouch...but their awakening will bring light into our world so, let's help out when we can.

Let us remember the goal is not revenge; all that does is feed the ego. No one is going back to normal. Normal was an illusion, a thin veneer of shiny stuff keeping a giant pustule of corruption hidden. If you have the courage to embrace the exposure, I urge you to show zero tolerance for the planned destruction of this republic. Mother Earth does not wish to host a race of automatons. She wants to help the human race maximize its God given potential. No one is coming to 'save' us. That's not how it works. That said, if we continue to rebel against the evil, and we can look to Europe examples, if we continue to rebel and ramp up our efforts, if we show zero tolerance for enslavement, we will receive help from advanced civilizations. They are waiting for the proverbial critical mass to be reached in consciousness shift.
The silent majority has been silent, and uninformed, for far too long. If we want choice, we must use our voice.

Have I said this before?