Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Stop Playing Victim

This whole stolen land issue glorifies victimhood. Where exactly is the stolen land stashed? Ego programming is a female dog. It prevents us from looking forward to a brighter future by creating points of entrenchment in our past.

Was there conquest? Yes or no. If yes, did you lose? If yes, no one actually stole your land. You were invaded, you fought and you lost.
I grew up in a British Armenian household. I know first hand how genocide complex can destroy minds. Everything becomes the fault of the Ottomans. Something that happened decades ago, that should have been processed and resolved years ago, is kept alive in the internal fire of resentment. This feeds the ego and prevents the human from accepting the unlimited potential of the present moment.
This gives the perceived enemy all the power. Is that constructive? I think not. Continuing to empower your enemy is the action of the victim, not the sovereign freethinker.
Everything woke, will go broke for no other reason than it defies common sense and personal dignity. If the media's perceptual engineers are guiding your thoughts, reactions and actions, you have done yourselves, and this realm, a great disservice.