Monday, August 21, 2023

Stop! Think! Take Action!

To those cautiously approaching the Fence of Truths Hidden in Plain View.

The entire world is currently burning and it’s not because of “climate change". Bury your heads in the sand if you so choose. Your refusal to confront painful truths won't stop what's coming. Chowing down on propaganda and lies has made this great nation obese, sluggish and feeble-minded. Even today, after eight years of exposure and disclosure, the lack of general awareness amongst the citizenry is astounding. Even with RFK going dangly bits to the wall with truth bombs. Wow! You have to give the Establishment credit for doing a great job in the brain fry department.
The purpose of incarnation is to affirm soul sovereignty. New World Order is the exact opposite. It is designed to crush connection with Source. It is designed to cage us in fifteen minute cities and distract us with all manner of frivolity and perversion. They are burning homes and grabbing the land. The end game is communism and transhumanism. The end game is darker then anything Stephen King could come up with. You are not powerless. You are a cosmic creation. Connect with your true nature and reject that which is designed to crush the soul.