Saturday, August 19, 2023

Don't Fall For it Again!

The totalitarian evildoers are making noises regrading a new and improved strain of contagion. Peeps...we are simply not dying fast enough for new world order. Some of us are actually thinking for ourselves! fancy that...and coming to the inevitable conclusion that this was all planned. Say it ain't so! Well, sorry. It is so.

If you fall for it, after four years of exposure, disclosure and unexplained death all over, I guess you came to Earth to be a push over.
They will persist. We will resist. They will will threaten, plead and cajole. We will dig a large pit and bury them whole. They will insist we comply. We will turn our heads and say goodbye. Fool me once, I'm a dunce. Fool me twice, I have learned a valuable lesson and you will pay the price.
Slave or sovereign? If you ain't living free, it ain't worth bothering.